Recycling Foam Polystyrene
An interactive map to find a foam polystyrene recycling collection program near you.
Use this map to find a recycling collection program in the United States or Canada that accepts foam polystyrene food packaging, transport packaging or both for recycling.

Containers and packaging made from foam polystyrene (PS) are marked with a number six inside chasing arrows . Often mistakenly referred to as Styrofoam, which is a Dow trademark for an insulation product, foam polystyrene is used to make food packaging such as meat trays, cups, take-out containers and egg cartons, as well as transport packaging, often used to protect TVs and other electronics during shipping, and building products.

The availability of programs offering foam polystyrene recycling is growing across the U.S. and Canada and so is the demand for recycled polystyrene by manufacturers. Case Studies to see case studies about successful foam polystyrene programs.

*While both foam polystyrene and non-foam polystyrene are designated with a number six inside chasing arrows , they are generally recycled separately. Do not bring non-foam polystyrene to the locations on this map unless they specifically ask for it.
If your area is not serviced by a drop-off or curbside program, you can access a mail-back program. To learn about these programs and for additional information about foam polystyrene, visit the following resources:
Transport Packaging - EPS Industry Alliance
Foodservice Packaging - Dart's CARE Program
Foam PS Cup Recycling - Dart's Recycla-Pak Program
Local Special Collection Events - EPS Industry Alliance Facebook Page
Additional Information about Foam PS Recycling - Home for Foam

If you are looking for a home for foam loose fill packaging, also known as packaging peanuts, please visit:
Loose Fill Reuse Program - EPS Industry Alliance
Common examples of foam polystyrene
Why recycle foam polystyrene?
Recycling helps conserve valuable resources and protect the environment. Waste disposal costs money; recycling can help your local economy by cutting disposal costs, and it contributes to the economy by growing the supply of recycled polystyrene.
Who purchases recycled foam polystyrene?
Plastics recyclers, plastics converters, consumer goods packaging companies, architectural and building supply manufacturers, and other product manufacturers buy and use recycled foam polystyrene to create new products.
How can you help?
Check for the nearest recycling collection program - and recycle your foam polystyrene food packaging and transport packaging. This will help increase the supply of recycled polystyrene in the marketplace.
The map was developed and appears here under the sponsorship of the Plastics Foodservice Packaging Group of the American Chemistry Council.