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There's a whole lot of plastic recycling going on. But not nearly as much as there could be.
Our goal is to increase the recovery of all types of postconsumer plastic.
One of the ways we're moving toward that goal is by providing market-based information that planners and decision makers need to balance diversion goals, material values and processing costs.
For example:
  • If we expand our program, what materials are going to be in the mix?
  • How much will it cost us to process them?
  • Are there viable markets for them?
  • How much are they worth?
We'll be adding pages, tools and other information as they're developed. If you'd like to receive announcements of new resources, or wish to partner in developing this resource to facilitate more recycling, send your contact information to
The first resource we've developed is an interactive map of polypropylene collection programs across the United States.
Have a look!